Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Best Acting Award goes to...!

Our ensemble cast took home the prize of Best Acting out of the San Francisco competition in the 48 Go Green competition.

I attended the screening of all sixteen films at the Lumiere Theatre last night. It started about an hour or so late as the man in charge was stuck in traffic on the 101. So, the practically full house proceeded to wait. While waiting, we were treated to an episode of an anime called "Eden of the East," complete with a naked Japanese teenage boy.

I felt nervous at the thought of seeing myself on the screen, with practically a full theater. Our film was third to the last to be screened, so I watched the first twelve films with a feeling of unease in my chest. My heart was beating faster than normal!

While not all the films could be considered absolute masterpieces - I still had to applaud each team for making an effort. To write, shoot, and edit a film in a mere two days certainly is an accomplishment in itself. Certainly there were the confusing films and the ones that probably set out to make absolutely no sense at all - but that's besides the point. I was sitting in a theater of people passionate about making and producing art. Art, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? This was a theater of people who sat waiting for over an hour just to see the five minutes they had labored to produce.

When my face finally flashed on the screen, I was a bit aghast at myself - you know the feeling of a clenched jaw and that warm tingly feeling on your back? But, yes, that's me and that's who I am - and there I was! After all the screenings were over, a stranger told me I had done a good job. Why, thank you! Felicia Hom is glad.


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