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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lending a Grieving Voice to a Story

Last month, I auditioned for ADR roles for the film About, based on fifteen true life stories, produced by Rareform Pictures, and starring Academy Award winner Mo'Nique.

The wonderful director, V.W. Scheich, was in the house and offered to help me take some pictures for my social media outlets.

Ready for some ADR!
I just got word this week that one of my improvised lines may make the final cut! I'm glad because I did pour some heart into my wild lines. I was leaving a message for a friend, expressing my grief over the death of her brother in the film. I blended bits of real messages that I received when my dad died years ago. I know it's always awkward expressing your sympathy - especially when there really aren't any good words to say. But I always hated "Stay strong" - so that definitely won't be coming from me!

Without wanting to divulge too much, I thought the scene was very poignantly written and I'm looking forward to being a voice in it. I love films which focus on real human experiences. Losing a family member and missing the last call that he made to you is absolutely heartbreaking. I held onto my dad's last voicemail as long as I could - making another recording of it when I couldn't save it any longer on my phone.

Needless to say, I'm glad I could lend my voice to About. Films that tell true stories are powerful - and great filmmaking is all about storytelling. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sweet Carmel-by-the-Sea and a Missed Flight

I had a wonderful post-Thanksgiving trip with my mom, followed with a semi-disastrous trip back to the City of Angels. However, everything ended well!

After spending Thanksgiving with my family (and making some excellent mashed potatoes, avocado salad and cranberry sauce all from scratch to contribute), I traveled for the first time ever to Carmel-by-the-Sea with my mom.

It was a really sweet town - and I crossed one thing off of my bucket list - visiting The Cheese Shop. I had read about it over a year ago on SFGate and felt compelled to make it to this fabled Cheese Shop. I ended up sampling probably two dozen or so different types of cheese from all over the world. I felt a bit ashamed for my shameless sampling (we did buy three types of cheese in the end), but it was excellent and so worth it. I was in cheese heaven!!

We tasted wine, dined out, and roughed the rain as we visited Point Lobos State Reserve and the beach. Our bed and breakfast was really cute too - with a gas fireplace. I loved it! Time with my mom is always precious.

The morning after we left Carmel, I was scheduled to fly out of San Francisco. I also ended up having an audition scheduled an hour and a half after my scheduled landing time. But there had been a heavy storm in the Bay Area that night, so the streetlights were out on 19th avenue and also on Junipero Serra. So...a normally twenty minute drive became an hour and twenty. And unfortunately, I arrived just a few minutes late so I missed my very first flight in my life!! Talk about a milestone.

As luck would have it, the following two flights were cancelled and the next flight I was on standby for was delayed well into the afternoon at 3:40 pm! Of course, I wouldn't be able to make my 11:30 am audition (I had informed my manager of the situation). Amazingly I wasn't too upset or frustrated, just very tired. I was amused by conversations I overheard at the airport and also appreciated the "Oh shiet" reactions of fellow travelers when I told them my missed flight and cancellations ordeal. I heard one older man who had missed his flight exclaiming, "Well of course insurance has to cover this! The highway was flooded!"

But as the storm abated, my flight was bumped back up an hour and I ended up still being able to audition after I rushed through the wetness to Santa Monica and up the stairs panting just before 5 pm! I'm an actor who hates missing auditions for any reason! I am very glad I hustled as I enjoy every opportunity I can get and grateful the office still let me audition. After missing my very first flight and staying at the airport for a good 5+ hours, the day actually turned out not so bad!

In fact, during the rainy weekend I saw not one, but two rainbows. When the rain brings out rainbows, what else can you do but smile?

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