Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lending a Grieving Voice to a Story

Last month, I auditioned for ADR roles for the film About, based on fifteen true life stories, produced by Rareform Pictures, and starring Academy Award winner Mo'Nique.

The wonderful director, V.W. Scheich, was in the house and offered to help me take some pictures for my social media outlets.

Ready for some ADR!
I just got word this week that one of my improvised lines may make the final cut! I'm glad because I did pour some heart into my wild lines. I was leaving a message for a friend, expressing my grief over the death of her brother in the film. I blended bits of real messages that I received when my dad died years ago. I know it's always awkward expressing your sympathy - especially when there really aren't any good words to say. But I always hated "Stay strong" - so that definitely won't be coming from me!

Without wanting to divulge too much, I thought the scene was very poignantly written and I'm looking forward to being a voice in it. I love films which focus on real human experiences. Losing a family member and missing the last call that he made to you is absolutely heartbreaking. I held onto my dad's last voicemail as long as I could - making another recording of it when I couldn't save it any longer on my phone.

Needless to say, I'm glad I could lend my voice to About. Films that tell true stories are powerful - and great filmmaking is all about storytelling. 


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