Published Articles

While these articles are by no means representative of my most polished writing and some have been edited, here are some of the bits you can find published on the web.
Playing the Race Card in China
Me and Mitfahrgelegenheit
38-Hour Chinese Train Rides
Sleeping on the Great Wall
Heart and Seoul
Beware the Chinese Automated Teller Monster
The Loud Subtleties of Chinese Culture
These Are a Few of My Favorite (Korean) Things
All About Face: Korean Beauty
Going to the China
Look Before You Leap -- Off an Elephant
How to Convert Pin Yin to Chinese
How to Change Your Name to Korean on Cyworld
How to Make Chainmail Armor in "Minecraft"

Tsinghua University News:
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Calls for Sino-American Clean Energy Collaboration

Other Published Works (Voice Work Credit):
英语新手口语王:语音入门 (Note I did not write the material, I merely provided the voice for some of the female dialog. However, it's still cool to be on Amazon China!)

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