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A Short Screenshot of my Acting

Acting is one of my long-neglected childhood passions and dreams and I have only recently come to resurrect it.

A Brief Glimpse of my Journey around the World

I've been to over a dozen different countries and traveled mostly by myself. It was one of the most enriching and independent experiences of my life. Above is Cesky Krumlov.

I Ain't Gonna Live Forever!

Here is my inaugural intro post, posted in December 2010. I have since moved back to Los Angeles.

Acting Is my Long Lost Love

Or so I wrote back in October 2010. Pictured above is me as Titania, in rehearsal for BITE's Shakespeare Reveries.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, the year I stayed in America

Unlike as written in 2010, the year I traversed the world,  I stayed in the good old United States for all 365 days of 2011. This was the first year I had done so since good ol' 2007. And now that I am reviewing that blog post, I am slightly aghast at how exciting my previous years had been compared to this last one. Abandoned warehouse party while dressed in a dress in below freezing weather with a multi-national crew in the art district of Beijing? I may very well be sitting alone at home this year - and okay with it!

The bottom line is, however, that I finally did make the move back to Los Angeles to pursue my wanton dream of acting. In many spaces, I actually introduce myself as being an actor without hesitation. It did take me nearly half of 2011 to do so - and I am currently typing this post back in San Francisco as I've returned for the brief holiday season. I have recognized that I am not a very time efficient individual and on occasion call myself an ADD Princess.

I have undergone some personality changes this past year, for better or for worse. I do believe in some instances I have become more direct and less susceptible to accepting bullshit (excuse the language). This may or may not be accelerated with my Meisner technique training in which I am trained to say what I feel about an action. On the other hand, what I feel has been sacrificed a bit over the year is the warm, gentle and caring disposition I have been known to have.

I'm grateful I have found a place I belong - my acting school and community and friends. I used to always think that actors were crazy, fruity people with whom I probably didn't fit well. But as fate would have it, I do fit in. I think for so many years I looked longingly at the groups of actors I wanted to be a part of. For so many years I always was the oddball in various other groups. I still am an oddball - but now it seems to fit. I am where I belong.

2011 is the year I became an actor.

Fireworks over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, 1/1/2012

Friday, December 16, 2011

Daytime TV Debut!

It's not quite my favorite soap General Hospital, but it airs in the same time slot over here in Los Angeles. One day in December (the 7th, I believe), my image and voice graced the airways of selected NBC affiliates across the nation (not all of them, but most of them). Hence, I had my daytime TV debut as Leena Cook.

I'm on the losing side of a defense!

My dear TV husband did throw me under the bus with some testimony that hurt me. I ended up losing the case. There was some editing done, so you don't see the part in which I interrupt Gloria Allred's ruling to try to bring in more evidence!

What do you mean I lost??

If you are curious, you can view the episode on Netflix! Where? Well, you'll just have to ask me! I would not say this is my best acting because it simply isn't - but here's that needed start!

Reality TV is not my end goal of course, but now I can safely say that I really have been on TV. I'll also be gracing the channels of cable at some point in the future if I haven't already. A few days ago, I taped a sequence for Operation Repo in which I run about a parking lot screaming. Hopefully I'll come across the screens as a crazy nail salon owner and entertain those in the Midwest, where the show is popular.

There has been some debate over whether reality TV can be detrimental to one's career. For these roles I took, I was still playing a different character - which is in essence still acting. As long as I don't play myself as some conniving-must-hate reality persona, I feel I will be gaining some valuable experience.

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