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Acting is one of my long-neglected childhood passions and dreams and I have only recently come to resurrect it.

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I've been to over a dozen different countries and traveled mostly by myself. It was one of the most enriching and independent experiences of my life. Above is Cesky Krumlov.

I Ain't Gonna Live Forever!

Here is my inaugural intro post, posted in December 2010. I have since moved back to Los Angeles.

Acting Is my Long Lost Love

Or so I wrote back in October 2010. Pictured above is me as Titania, in rehearsal for BITE's Shakespeare Reveries.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

National Asian American Theater Conference

I had a blast volunteering for the SF Asian American Film Festival earlier this year and decided to volunteer for the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival, this time in LA. The conference ran for a whole week, but I was only able to volunteer at the end as I had work during the weekdays. The festival showcased a number of performances - all varied and sometimes puzzling and incomprehensible. But it was great to see so many different faces - I even saw one of my former professors at UCLA at the show I was ushering for earlier today.

It's always great to see live performances. I personally love it when I can see the hard work reflected before me, no matter how small the stage is. I also saw a fair share of athletic body movement on stage - needless to say I'm not able to do those flips and rolls!

I also realize I'm being rather vague and dry on my blog at the moment. Perhaps it is because I am wary of the ever decreasing privacy of the large place we know as the internet. And although I do own a DSLR, I never seem to lug it around so I always have to resort to using my low-tech camera phone to snap images. Sorry about that. What's a blog without good pictures?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The One-Year Goal Statement

Back in October, I had an assignment to outline my one-year goals in regards to my relationship with acting. Yes, I just used the word relationship. Shockingly, time flew by lightning quick and it is nearing the end of June. So, with that in mind - I believe it is time for a goal audit. Comments made in red are my current reviews of my progress!

One-Year Mission Statement

Acting Related Goals to be Completed by October 2011

-          Become more knowledgeable about the Los Angeles acting community and industry
*  Reconnect with my friends who currently work in LA as actors or other professionals
Yes – though I haven’t really connected with too many other actors in LA yet! I have met some of my old friends, but not all. So this will be an ongoing process. Additionally, I will strive to meet new people as well!
-          Become more knowledgeable about history of great actors, schools, methods, and thought
*  Currently reading Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting, next Adler’s Art of Acting
I definitely am more knowledgeable about the Meisner Technique now than I was in October.
-          Attend at least 10 live performances and learn more about the actors and directors
*  Will attend two by next week
I’m only up to five live stage performances, one stand-up comedy show, and one improve show.
-          Watch more television, where there is at least one featured Asian American actor
*  Currently starting to watch Glee after hearing so much praise
Now as I write this, I have watched every single episode of Glee. But I lagged on the rest of TV. I still don’t really know what Jersey Shore is about.
-          Read more plays, at least 10 within a year
*  I have the classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on my table at the moment
I finished the above play. I also had to read some plays for my next scene study class, like Dinner with Friends, so those don’t really count…but I did read some more plays for fun. I got through some Chekhov. Mmm…still some more to go.
-          Watch more significant movies. Take advantage of my Netflix subscription.
Done! Saw a great deal, but still need to watch more as people list movies and I stare at them blankly.
-          Prepare to move to LA if I can secure a job there, i.e. find roommates, make trips beforehand to get a feel for locations
*  Currently perusing career website and sending out my resume
Done! I have moved!
-          Nail auditions, at least several projects within one year.
*  Currently have gone to five or six auditions for student films in the Bay Area within the past month, but none have panned out so far.
I’ve gone to a number of auditions, but nailing things didn’t always quite work!
-          Attempt to produce own short film or at least make some more entertaining Youtube videos.
*  I have several ideas, but need to find the right equipment and/or personnel to assist me.
Fail! Lacking! Absolutely lagging on this one. I only have three months left to make my personal deadline on this.
-          Continue to train and hone acting skills. Explore sense memory. Become more natural in movements. Find new monologues.
*  Currently in process. No sense memory. Definitely need work on movement. Probably need some new monologues too because I can only drown my two kids so often.

Personal Goals

-          Improve fluency in Mandarin. Practice French and Korean if there is time.
Fail! I’m going backwards!
-          Write more short stories and continue to submit to short story contests.
Fail here!
-          Write and have articles published in some medium.
Success! Internet medium!
-          Have personal website up and running.
Kind of done, but we all know I should upgrade to The Life of Felicia Hom v.2 right?
-          Improve personal appearance. Maintain hair, find a good skin regiment, do some serious shopping.
*  Currently trying new blue light technology for my face. Results yet to be seen.
Blue light technology was a fail, but my skin actually is better thanks to the Clarisonic. Free advertising for them here.
-          Will continue to work out. Will have lost at least five pounds one year from now, preferably within the next three months.
Done! I have indeed lost five pounds (unless I gained them back already), though I didn’t accomplish it within the three months after October.
*  Currently going to the gym regularly.
-          Manage finances better. Consolidate my checking accounts.
My portfolio continues to be unmanaged, but I did consolidate one of my accounts?
-          Continue to find new hobbies.
*  Currently taking salsa class.
Still need to continue this one.
-          Practice being more confident.
I try.

       In conclusion, I still need to make up for the things that have not been done in this hot summer in LA!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Three years ago, I made a call to my mom as I waited for a job interview, just to see how things were going. I wasn't expecting her to tell me my dad had had a heart attack and was being put under some sort of procedure back home in San Francisco. I immediately went numb inside. She told me not to worry yet and that'd she keep me updated. I proceeded with my interview, acting like everything was okay, but inside I was in a state of terror. I cried as I left the building.

I then took the bus back from Malibu and stopped in Santa Monica. In my state of disillusion and panic, I decided to go shopping - all with the fear that several hundred miles up north my dad was going to die. I stopped in a store that was going out of business. They had a bunch of cute cards on clearance - one of which was a father's day card. I looked at it and contemplated buying it. But I think I already knew that my dad wasn't going to make it. So I didn't buy that card.

The next week I made the panicked rush to the airport after an urgent call from my mom telling me to come home as soon as I could. I listened to the message I had missed from my sister saying my dad only had 24-48 hours left to live. I cried as I waited in the long line through security. I would fly back to Los Angeles a week or so later, with my father buried and gone. He'd never woken up from his coma. Emotionally, I probably crashed for the rest of the school year. I was without real support.

My life definitely has changed somewhat since that difficult period of my life. I am more acutely aware of how life is fleeting - not everyone will be there forever. I'm not going to live forever. Also, there won't always be someone there for you in your darkest moments.

It is with this perspective that I am living my life now. We shouldn't take anything for granted. Time goes by quickly, and as Reba McEntire once sang, the world didn't stop for my broken heart. It never has and never will.

And with that, all we can do is live our lives, live our passions, cherish our loved ones, treat others with the respect they deserve and remember that time doesn't wait. I wish you (and me) the best of luck.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seeing the Humble Halle Berry

On Sunday, I had the great fortune to listen to Ms. Halle Berry speak for an event for the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown studio. Out of respect for her privacy and keeping personal details to those who were there, I will just touch on some of the points that I feel really are worth hearing.

I was really struck by how humble Halle is - she's a beautiful star, but she has really worked to be an actress. Her mom raised her and her sister alone - and from that, Halle had gained the hard work ethic which she continues to have to this day. She basically said that she did not know anyone who truly worked hard and failed. And as an actor, you must always be ready to bring it - 100% - especially if there are those who will be judging you on the way you look and don't think you'd be a fit for a role just based on your appearance. You'd have to show them otherwise.

Another idea she stressed was not to think negatively. Accept criticism, but don't always do what someone else tells you to do. No one can tell you what to do - and you must remain true to yourself. I think that's a good life lesson, which isn't just applied to acting.

I didn't know much about Halle before the event - other than her being the first African American to win the Best Actress Academy Award and other tabloid fodder. But now I see her now as being a beautiful person, much more than just a pretty face, who has fought it out and remained true to herself. She is quite an inspiration.

My life and path will be different, of course. I'm still not entirely sure how it will play out - but I know I will have to work hard, stay focused, not lose faith, and remember to be true to myself.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing in from Sunny San Diego

This is a brief update, to be hopefully fleshed out in the next few days. I'm currently in sunny San Diego with my family and visiting my younger brother. I had to stop in at UCSD's Medical Center for some care as I've had a hacking cough off-and-on for the past two weeks. I believe it has something to do with me re-adjusting to Southern California weather.

In any case, I just finished a new page which neatly groups together all of my web-published articles - in case you're curious or have missed some of my other posts which aren't found on this site. Sorry about that, I really should consolidate my online presence. I definitely would not state that all of my web posts reflect my best command of the English language as I've been known to churn out a few very well written essays here and there in my life, but this is a field I shall be working on. I do love writing and will be looking for more practice.

In Los Angeles news, I'll be moving to a new place sometime next week, catching a glimpse of Halle Berry, finally getting some new headshots done, and continuing to search for the perfect employer who will realize I will give them my all!

Cheers to having good health, the commendable care at UCSD Medical Center, family, freedom, dreams, and living well! 

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