Welcome to The Life of Felicia Hom

Currently revamping for the Internet audience's pleasure!

A Short Screenshot of my Acting

Acting is one of my long-neglected childhood passions and dreams and I have only recently come to resurrect it.

A Brief Glimpse of my Journey around the World

I've been to over a dozen different countries and traveled mostly by myself. It was one of the most enriching and independent experiences of my life. Above is Cesky Krumlov.

I Ain't Gonna Live Forever!

Here is my inaugural intro post, posted in December 2010. I have since moved back to Los Angeles.

Acting Is my Long Lost Love

Or so I wrote back in October 2010. Pictured above is me as Titania, in rehearsal for BITE's Shakespeare Reveries.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Orange I Glad It's October

Great news - I've signed with my first manager at Betwixt Talent Management here in Los Angeles! I'm definitely psyched and hope this will give me good progress with my acting career.

I also just wrapped up a shoot for the pilot of a new webseries called "That's What She Said" by Gregory Blanche. I'm playing a character that is way out of my normal persona as I'm more conservative in real life - but that is the fun of acting. Future viewers, don't get Jessica and me confused!

I did get to sport some colorful extensions which were hand-colored by our makeup artist Aurora Karma. I then proceeded to wear these dazzling extensions to a housewarming party, work, and improv class! I got a lot of compliments - and a quizzical look from my boss.

Wearing extensions for the outlandish character Jessica!
If you're wondering why I posted "Orange I Glad It's October" (grammatically unsound, I'm aware) - it's because I'm a rabid San Francisco Giants fan. The Giants winning is something that extremely excites me. I actually went to a Giants-Dodgers game at the end of the season alone and decked out in orange just to support my Giants at Dodger Stadium. I sincerely enjoyed getting booed when I stood up to cheer for my road team! :) Now all I need is for my favored Tim Lincecum to get back to his ace ways this postseason and to help my Giants win another World Series! (In other news, I'm upset Derek Jeter has broken his ankle as there is no fun in beating the Yankees without him!!)

Also, to conclude my post from below - our hereandnow 10 minute plays was a success and a wonderful experience. I loved being on stage and performing for a sellout crowd! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Opening Night Is Tonight!

Ever since July, I have been rehearsing to put on the hereandnow 10 Minute Plays, directed by John Miyasaki (who asked me if I liked him during our 6-hour rehearsal last night). Many of my weeknights for the past two months have been devoted to perfecting our show - and finally, this weekend is the one it will run.

The show is a variant of the hereandnow theatre Company's long-running Boba Stories, with our cast's own respective spin. I will be telling you stories from my own childhood and through the eyes of Penny, a Chinese American who is seeking something that she doesn't have.

We actually have a sold out crowd this first opening night, which is amazing! However, there's still plenty of seats available for the Saturday and Sunday shows and we are running a special promo for tickets. Hopefully I'll get to perform for all of you out there one day! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Staying Funny in Los Angeles

I have been keeping busy these past few weeks; I was cast in my first LA theater performance with the hereandnow theater company. I also signed with Elysium Talent Agency - so I now have commercial representation! Huzzah! I also shot a few quick improvised scenes which I will share with the curious.

So, without much further ado, I present to you a fully improvised take of me giving a black guy (he has a name, but the point is not to be Politically Correct for this!) a watermelon on our date:

We also have a rough cut of another scene in the park that we shot, though my best line didn't make this version! I still am a good catty friend who wants to do some blocking, if you know what I mean.

In any case, these are by far not polished works, but perhaps good for a laugh! I was also reminded this past weekend that I indeed have a strength in drama - so in the future, I'd love to show that off. I am a damn good actress and I will be damned if others think otherwise or if I screw myself over in an audition.

Until then, may FEFE TIME below keep you company!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introducing FEFE TIME!

In the meantime, I'll work on my personal web blog/series on Youtube! FEFE TIME will be a random sort of odds and ends of my eternally quirky personality. I can only hope love and not hate will ensue!

I actually have a larger unrelated vision which has been in the mental works - hopefully it will come to life soon!

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Headshots

I just got new headshots done last week. My photographer is currently out of town, so I only have this version and a bunch of proofs.

But here is the preview:

I've still been told I look better in person, but I don't have to look pretty in headshots, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dare to Dream, Dare to Love.

These were the words that came to me as I tried to fall asleep.

Dare to dream;
Dare to love.

It is with great peace I share this with you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Actor Activity Update

Hello curious readers, I'm updating outside of a Starbucks in Santa Monica as I pass the time before my acting class later this evening.

I'm still alive and kicking, pursuing the dream.

Recently I worked on a still unnamed comedic feature as the late Lady Azalea - a whorehouse owner in the 1920's. Keep in mind I wasn't one of the whores - I was the pimp! The dead pimp! I'll give you an update once the film is in its latter stages of post-production.

Hopefully I look morbid enough for you!
All right, I think I will sign out as the dogs are barking and there is now bacon oil and dog slobber on my pink bag. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

I just thought I'd update to let you all know that Felicia Hom is indeed alive and kicking in the year 2012 and re-wearing her pretty pink Chinese dress for this brief video status update.

Oh, and here is my update in which I attempt to resemble the creepy girl from "The Ring":

You can view my channel at: vyou.com/felicia

Hopefully, I'll be finally able to produce the projects which have been harvesting in my mind for over a year. Moreover, I hope I'll be able to report exciting news from my acting life in Los Angeles.

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