(A More Formal) Bio

Felicia Hom was born and raised in San Francisco. She acted briefly while she was at Hoover Middle School and loved it. As a student at Lowell High School, she neglected her passion for acting and instead played violin in orchestra and participated in other activities such as track, speech and debate, and mock trial.

Wishing to get away from home, she opted to pursue her education at UCLA. She graduated with a double major in Business Economics and Political Science, with a minor in Accounting. While at school, she was involved in various Asian Pacific Islander organizations on campus - but she still longed to act. She ended up being rejected from an on-campus improv comedy group and also from her own API organization's cultural night performance. At the time, she took these rejections to heart.

In her final year at UCLA, she was also turned down for various positions with consulting and accounting firms. Retrospectively, she has found this to be a blessing in disguise as she surmises that her recruiters and interviewers could see that her heart was not passionate about the various positions. Hopefully it was not because of bombing the interviews.

About 1/3 of the way through her senior year, her father passed away suddenly. Felicia has pinpointed this as a turning point - a true wake-up call to her place in life. Instead of continuing to apply for positions she did not feel strongly about, Felicia decided to apply to teach English in South Korea as she had always hoped to study abroad but did not find the opportunity to do so. Additionally, in her last quarter at UCLA, she took an acting fundamentals course which she believes to be one of the most influential courses she had taken there. One crucial lesson learned was that failure is necessary and that one should not quit prematurely.

While living abroad in Seoul, she taught at an all-girl's middle school and experienced a whole new vision of life. She also got her foot back into the sphere of performing as she joined the Waygugin Parade improv comedy troupe. Additionally, Felicia was envious of the multiple multi-lingual individuals she encountered, so she decided to spend some time improving her Mandarin in Beijing.

Following a year in Seoul, Felicia moved to Beijing to study Mandarin at Tsinghua University for two semesters. While in Beijing, Felicia became involved with the Beijing Actors Workshop and found further confirmation that she loved acting and the stage. She was inspired by fellow actors who were truly pursuing their dreams and felt she should do the same - though not in Beijing as she believed there would be a very small market for Chinese Americans.

Felicia spent some time traveling in Europe and then returned to San Francisco just shy of a year after she had moved to Beijing. While in San Francisco, she attended classes at Studio A.C.T. and Film Acting Bay Area. She debated moving back to Los Angeles for a long while, but finally moved back to Los Angeles in June 2011.

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