Friday, April 17, 2015

Making Talent Known and Changing the Team!

Greetings from my new home in Redondo Beach! I have a bit of a long story as to why I had to give up my sweet, rent-controlled apartment of three years in Franklin Village - but the funny thing is that once I moved down to the South Bay, I've had to be in Los Angeles more than ever for auditions. Yes, of course the moment I moved an extra forty minutes out, I was auditioning more than I was when I lived in the heart of Hollywood! LA logic indeed.

I'm happy to announce that I have new management with Debra Manners Talent! Also, a few months back, I signed with Robertson Taylor commercially and I absolutely love my new agents. It's so important to have a good rapport!

If you ever follow my Twitter, you may have also noticed I'm now a member of the We Make Movies film collective. It's basically my second home and family in Los Angeles now. I get to read on stage on a regular basis! Also, with some WMM family this past weekend, I performed in a street health fair skit. I got to entertain some kids as an overgrown pink bully! How's that for size?

I'm a big pink bully!
One of my resolutions this year was to make my talent known. And by golly, it's already more than halfway through April! Believe me, I am working on it. I've even started to write again (I've been in two writing groups!). In any case, I must retire to bed as I must make a 10 AM callback in from Redondo Beach to there in rush hour traffic, you can do the math! :) I was just so pumped I had to update.


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