(An Informal) About

Felicia Hom began this blog in late 2010 to chronicle her journey in life, whether it to be an actress or something completely different.

She is currently still on this said journey. Since beginning this blog, she has relocated to Los Angeles. Prior to starting this blog, she had spent extensive time living and traveling abroad (detailed under the Travels tab).

In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym where she can watch General Hospital. She hates how TPTB (the powers that be) have torn apart her favorite character of Elizabeth and all of her corresponding couplings. Liason forever!!! As of 2015, she started a completely separate twitter account just to tweet about her favorite show.

She didn't watch much TV while in college, but has since learned that if she ever wants to be on TV, she needs to watch more (learned this from Mr. Greg Hubbard, who was the instructor of her Audition Technique Studio A.C.T. course in San Francisco). So, at the time of writing this in 2010, she has since started to watch Glee and How I Met Your Mother. Both shows are (were) awesome. Previous favorite TV shows include Heroes and Ugly Betty. At the time of an updated writing in 2015, she is now on board with Jane the Virgin and Arrow.

Felicia loves mainstream hip hop music...so every now and then she will crank it up on Youtube and dance freely and terribly in her own home. Alternatively, she has listen to Korean pop music for over a decade. Her all-time favorite Korean group was Fly to the Sky. While she lived in Korea, she was a big fan of Big Bang. Currently, 2PM and 2AM are some of her favorites.

San Francisco is her hometown and she really does love the Giants - and Tim Lincecum. As a young girl, she was a fan of the 49ers as they were very good, but gradually lost all hope in them. However, she did have a brief glimmer of hope in 2011.

Felicia also really loves cheese. /end story, to be continued.

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