Saturday, July 9, 2011

Japanese Clubbing!

Well, not really. I, among many Asian-blooded Los Angeles citizens (as well as a few non-Asians), converged in Downtown LA to be an extra for a Fox TV pilot.

I was supposed to be a Japanese club-goer in Tokyo. Apparently none of the outfits I brought were up to Japanese clubbing standard (I also realize I don't have normal clubbing clothes with me), so I was dolled up with a lime green halter dress, flowery jacket, and yellow heels and had mucho fun not looking like my normal self. I had a pretty kooky get-up, if kooky is a real word - but it was fun.

I didn't realize my hair could be teased to have so much volume. By the time I had looked in the mirror and subsequently snapped this poor quality camera phone image of myself, I looked pretty worn and crazy! We didn't actually do any "clubbing" - but rather walked about on the supposed streets of Tokyo.

Extra work won't really help me advance my acting career, but it is still fun as it's a great opportunity to meet new people and chat. There is the additional pain of walking around in uncomfortable high heels for hours and sleeping at dawn, but no pain no gain as the saying goes.

Also, just for kicks - here is a photo of me during my only true trip to Tokyo. For some reason, I didn't really have many pictures of myself taken - and none with the neon lights and visually appealing parts of the city. The young man standing next to me is a random Australian musician I had met at my hostel. Take note of my fashion disaster! I later tossed those Converse shoes in the trash in Thailand as I had gotten them wet and smelly. I actually did go to a bar/club in Tokyo and that's actually a funny and disastrous story which I would have to tell in person if I didn't already. Sorry Internet!

(a following blog post will appear in a moment detailing other aspects of my recent [acting] life momentarily)


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