Friday, July 29, 2011

Social Advocacy and Responsibility

After experiencing a hair-raising and dangerous incident on the streets of Los Angeles and continued reading in the news about other senseless crimes, my mind has pondered the subject of crime. It isn't enough that we have the police (I am very grateful for their service) to catch the bad guys and throw them in increasingly crowded jails.

As long as we all live in this same society, we are responsible for preventing such things from happening - cutting down to the roots of the problem.

I'm not saying that each and every one of us must devote our lives to a higher cause and advocate to stop human trafficking and global starvation and poverty as that simply is not a realistic demand or expectation. But rather, we should each do what we can to make this world a better place to live in. If you have to ask why, just remember that you and your family and your friends are not always going to be safe.

There's really no reason why an innocent 11-year-old girl should be hit by a stray bullet while she is INSIDE her relative's house. There's no reason why she should be hit by one if she were on the street, either!

It's easy to think that we live in a world separate from the shootings and stabbings and fights, even though we may live within so many miles of kids who fall into a life full of crime and violence. And sometimes it doesn't really get real until it hits you or someone you know specifically - I mean, we are always aware in the back of our minds, but it doesn't really tug at us until we literally see and feel it. The problem is not going to go away by itself.

My goal in life is not to become an actor so I can get rich and famous. No. I've always just wanted to be able to make a difference in someone else's life. If I can do it through my personal relationships, that's good. If I can do it through my writing, that'd be great. If I can do it through acting, that'd be awesome. If I can do it through all of those ways and more, that'd be spectacular.

Of course all of this is my talk - what about action? Is it enough to just be a more decent, generous human being to those you know? That is more than nothing. Even this seemingly simple act of being a better person can be a challenge. Will it help to donate? Yes, but how much can I really donate as a starving actress (It'd probably be of more value if I was actually making money...those with capital definitely do have more power)? On another note one can always volunteer - like for Reading to Kids, an organization I volunteered with during college. Something is better than nothing, even though it may not be enough.

I truly admire the people out there who have dedicated their lives to fighting for worthy causes - and there are many. From my brief year stint as a teacher, I have developed mad respect for those who fuel their time in raising the young. I am truly humbled by those who are contributing to making this world a better place - and saving humanity.


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