Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Don't Settle Until You're Dead or Damn Well Close to Dead"

I've encountered a lot of great quotes in the past year or so - many of which are very inspirational. Usually these quotes come from someone established, notable, and otherwise important.

I just got back from an acting class about an hour or so ago, where I was reminded of a well quoted, "I am enough" or "You are enough."

A high school friend of mine just mentioned she encountered another long unseen high school friend randomly who said she had settled into her job.

Then this quote came to my mind:

"Don't settle until you're dead or damn well close to dead."
- Felicia Hom

Now I know I am not influential on the majority or even a small corner of the world nor do I wield any sort of credible power, so I can't really count myself as being "quotable." But as I was reminded earlier today, "I am enough." And so be my quote.

Earlier today I was also reminded over at Bill Dance Casting of that thing called passion. The way of an actor truly is a tough one - what with all the training and training that goes beyond mere acting and general immersion into the arts, but that's what one must do for something he or she loves.


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