Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, the year I stayed in America

Unlike as written in 2010, the year I traversed the world,  I stayed in the good old United States for all 365 days of 2011. This was the first year I had done so since good ol' 2007. And now that I am reviewing that blog post, I am slightly aghast at how exciting my previous years had been compared to this last one. Abandoned warehouse party while dressed in a dress in below freezing weather with a multi-national crew in the art district of Beijing? I may very well be sitting alone at home this year - and okay with it!

The bottom line is, however, that I finally did make the move back to Los Angeles to pursue my wanton dream of acting. In many spaces, I actually introduce myself as being an actor without hesitation. It did take me nearly half of 2011 to do so - and I am currently typing this post back in San Francisco as I've returned for the brief holiday season. I have recognized that I am not a very time efficient individual and on occasion call myself an ADD Princess.

I have undergone some personality changes this past year, for better or for worse. I do believe in some instances I have become more direct and less susceptible to accepting bullshit (excuse the language). This may or may not be accelerated with my Meisner technique training in which I am trained to say what I feel about an action. On the other hand, what I feel has been sacrificed a bit over the year is the warm, gentle and caring disposition I have been known to have.

I'm grateful I have found a place I belong - my acting school and community and friends. I used to always think that actors were crazy, fruity people with whom I probably didn't fit well. But as fate would have it, I do fit in. I think for so many years I looked longingly at the groups of actors I wanted to be a part of. For so many years I always was the oddball in various other groups. I still am an oddball - but now it seems to fit. I am where I belong.

2011 is the year I became an actor.

Fireworks over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, 1/1/2012


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