Friday, September 21, 2012

Opening Night Is Tonight!

Ever since July, I have been rehearsing to put on the hereandnow 10 Minute Plays, directed by John Miyasaki (who asked me if I liked him during our 6-hour rehearsal last night). Many of my weeknights for the past two months have been devoted to perfecting our show - and finally, this weekend is the one it will run.

The show is a variant of the hereandnow theatre Company's long-running Boba Stories, with our cast's own respective spin. I will be telling you stories from my own childhood and through the eyes of Penny, a Chinese American who is seeking something that she doesn't have.

We actually have a sold out crowd this first opening night, which is amazing! However, there's still plenty of seats available for the Saturday and Sunday shows and we are running a special promo for tickets. Hopefully I'll get to perform for all of you out there one day! :)


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