Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's my life, and it's now or never...

I ain't gonna live forever!

Hi there, I'm Felicia Hom and I love singing this particular song by Bon Jovi every time I go to karaoke.

I've decided to start a blog detailing my life as an aspiring actress...or change-my-mind-and-insert-something-else here. Currently the road is murky and I am the only one who can wake up and clear the road.

Honestly, I feel like I'm being a bit crazy and unrealistic for deciding to pursue such an aspiration in my life. I, of course, am Chinese American with those familiar Asian American values which mold perceptions of what is success. My mother is a computer programmer, my sister is in medical school at UCSF, and my little brother is studying to be a pharmacologist. My father passed away nearly three years ago and probably would scoff at the idea of me acting.

I graduated from UCLA with a double major in Political Science and Business Economics and a minor in Accounting in 2008. I'd like to mention that just so that you know my sometimes seemingly vapid and air-headed brain can sometimes apply itself to something. I'm well aware that I still need to expand my range of knowledge. Also, I'm funny - you may come to realize this.

After graduation, I traveled to at least seventeen countries. I spent a year living in Seoul and another year in Beijing. While I was abroad and having quite possibly the best time of my life, I awakened to this crazy idea that I seriously wanted to pursue acting. There's still a very long road for me to go, if that is the case.

This past month, I was in a modern adaptation, written and directed by Rey Carolino, of Beauty and the Beast at Shotwell Studios in the Mission. There! Just so you know that I haven't been completely inactive in my hunt...



I support your endeavors fully! Good luck! :-)


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