Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rejection is just a part of life, after all

It's not that big of a deal...well, as time goes on. Sure, the first few times you get rejected...say from a school play, your dream school or the supposed love of your life...it's heartbreaking. It really is. You lose a bit of faith in the world, humanity, and yourself...and you really, really just want to cry.

Last night, I attended a meet-up organized by my friend, Regina Chien...on rejection therapy. She read this article about how Jason Shen took the 30-day rejection therapy challenge - an idea formed by a Canadian guy named Jason Comely. Basically, to summarize, the person who undertakes the challenge will find ways to get rejected in an attempt to gain more confidence and push himself out of his comfort zone. So Regina being the outgoing Regina that she is e-mailed Jason to set up a meeting, which honestly I thought was a bit crazy (of course in a good way)!

As an aspiring actress, I've already had plenty of rejections when it comes to landing roles. Maybe it was the pimple(s) on my face (yes, probably!), or maybe I'm not tall enough or skinny enough or pretty enough or Chinese enough. Nowadays I don't even really bat an eye, unless I am cast but then suddenly then cut due to a lack of funding for me to be in it. Acting rejections aside, I have the many failed job interviews and failed attempts at love. So, I really didn't need to go to a rejection therapy event as I have plenty of life experience with it and moments where I've cried my heart out, but I'm a good friend!

The meeting was great - and we even happened to randomly call over internet sensation Everett Bogue who speaks of his minimalist philosophy and his friend Maren Kate who is an opponent of the 9-5 job as they stumbled inside in search for food. We wrapped up the meeting on top of the roof of Medjool, watching a small fraction of the lunar eclipse. (Unfortunately, San Francisco skies prevented me from seeing the BLOOD RED part...)

I personally wouldn't need to put myself through a thirty day challenge to be on good terms with rejection - but it is an interesting concept. And what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger...as the old saying goes. Right?

And as a side note, I drove the farthest distance I have driven in 3-4 years. This was...seven short blocks to Safeway. Go me! (Yes, I need to drive more.)


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