Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me, the Non-Model

At the end of May, I participated in a group photo shoot in San Francisco. I really don't have any aspirations of becoming a model - I merely attended because a photographer by the name of Blaine Dixon invited me to attend. I'm definitely not the traditional model type as I am a mere five foot three inches tall - but I wanted to see if I could get any cool headshots. The studio owner did say that he liked me look, which was a nice compliment. I've met a couple of photographers from Model Mayhem and have a slew of various other photos, the below courtesy of Aaron Loukonen.

I realized my blog doesn't have many photos in the entries, so that can easily cause someone with ADD to have their eyes glaze over at my blocs of text. I will attempt to incorporate more photos into my occasional musings. Also, I've been told I should smile more in my pictures and that I have a beautiful smile. Perhaps, perhaps.

More pictures, more media, more updates to come, hopefully, in this journey of life! I'm currently reporting from Los Angeles (funny because I got a last minute callback for something in San Francisco for tomorrow, but cannot go now!)


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