Friday, April 15, 2011

Awesome Day in LA

While it is well past what should be a normal person's bed-time and my preferred hours of sleep, I thought I would check in with what was a beautiful day spent in L.A. with gorgeous weather, kind people, and fun times.

I had lunch with an old high school friend who was in the National Forensics League with me. She's currently studying to be a surgeon at UCLA Medical School, so that is quite amazing! I had resorted to Yelp to find a suitable restaurant and picked SushiStop on Sawtelle Blvd. It definitely was a nice place to go and a cheap place to eat! Afterwards we had gone to Max Karaoke to sing some songs (they have a good happy hour deal for $4/person before 8 PM), alternating from Japanese, Chinese, English and my one favorite Korean song. She wowed me with her traditional Japanese singing and lovely tenor voice. I haven't had many karaoke solos, so I was getting hoarse after about two songs. I didn't do Bon Jovi's "It's My Life," my recent signature song, but instead teamed up at the end for a rendition of Eminem's "Not Afraid." Eminem certainly has some poignant lyrics, so holler if you feel like you've been down that same road, raise the bar, and shoot for the moon.

Anyway, the folks at the car repair shop Major Muffler on Santa Monica Blvd. were really nice to me. I waited about half an hour to get my gravel shield screwed back in place. They didn't even charge me for it - how crazy is that! I had gone there on the recommendations I had read on Yelp about the service being honest, so I must give them their due credit. If you need auto repairs in West LA, go to them!

Finally, after a quick nap, I drove on over to meet my college friend for the Downtown LA Art Walk. I had the pleasure of browsing through all the food trucks and looking at various pieces of art or other goods being sold at booths (like leaves dipped in gold). I suppose the whole feel of the event made me remember why exactly I love LA. It's full of artists...full of many people.

Alas, I did not bring my DSLR to share photos with you (my blog certainly needs more photos, as previously mentioned in the post below), but below is one I snapped with my (non-smart) phone.

I suppose my entry today was very specific to places in LA, so perhaps my one reader in San Francisco, New York, and Singapore won't really be able to comprehend, but I'll definitely add some photos for next time. I just felt like sharing my great day. In other news, the soaps All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled. I'll add an entry with my thoughts on that because I've been exposed to soaps ever since I was 5, so I have some strong opinions. In the meantime, sleep beckons and hopefully tomorrow will be another beautiful day.


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