Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A stroll through the park and a ferry to Sausalito.

Yesterday afternoon I shot some more footage for the Rendezvous short film project I am a part of. The shoot consisted of me running around a ferry boat looking scared and confused and having the wind blow through my hair - making me look absolutely terrible. Fun! The boat engineers stopped to chat with me, asking if this was for Hollywood. I told them, no, unfortunately it was not! Anyway, all in all, it was rather fun, though tiring. You can see a few of the ferry photos here.

We also shot some scenes in Union Square.Heart of San Francisco!

Today, the weather was nice enough for me to take a short stroll through Golden Gate Park. I visited the Children's Playground - it seems to have gotten a lot smaller over the years. Perhaps they really did nerf the slides, coupled with the fact that I'm twice as large as I was when I was a young girl. How nice it is for people to be playing tennis, ping pong, and lawn bowling on a sunny Wednesday.


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