Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Battle with Trojans and Return of Shy Girl

"A Trojan is good only once, but a Bruin lasts forever." Such is the popularized slogan which the UCLA faithful will rattle off when it comes time to face USC.

But unrelated to all of that college rivalry, I'm waging a battle with the trojans nesting on my hard drive. There are times like this when I do regret buying that PC instead of the Mac I considered getting.

I do enjoy learning how to solve problems on my own, so I'm going to have this thing cleared up hopefully within a day. Yes, you may laugh at me for my apparent sluggishness, but I honestly haven't been sitting around my computer for extended periods of time lately - with today being the possible exception.

Last week, I had a record number of auditions in any given week of my life (four, with three being paying gigs). Unfortunately, I failed to yield any tangible results from them. In fact, the last audition I had on Friday involved me being called in to read for a second role. Suddenly, my nerves popped up and I could feel myself stumbling. Alas! I walked out of there with a gigantic FAIL grit on my teeth. But rest assured, I had another audition on Monday (not included in the four for last week) and I ended up booking it by means of attrition. I wasn't particularly good, but there were many roles open. So, at least I can say I finally booked something after an audition (I mean I have done so in the past, but...yeah)!

Taken with a Playsport Zx3 in studio!
All of this return of nerves leads me to realize that Shy Felicia is still nesting within me. I had thought I had broken out of my shell, but the truth is she is still nesting around - just like all of the happy little malicious trojans on my computer. One can't truly eradicate them all. She comes and goes - but I realize that's all right - as long as she can be quarantined! :)

Onward to clean computer!


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