Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Case of the Bad Audition or Interview

Dear Recruiters and Professionals who may have met me, I may not always have been up to speed in my interviews. If this is the case, you probably will not see this message as you will no longer be investigating my background. However, I'm happy to say that at least I've had some good interviews. Additionally, for the kind current recruiter who is doing an internet background check on me, hello!

The case of the bad interview - it happens. Sometimes it can be absolutely abysmal or dreadful and leaving one wishing he or she had a different brain to respond to the question.

In regards to auditions, I believe I've had my fair share of bad auditions as well - you can tell as I'm still a nameless face in the acting world (that and I'm relatively new and that could very well be the case for people who have been acting for years). One such audition called for me to yell at a little girl in Chinese. Her response was to laugh and smile at me the whole time. In turn, I felt rather ridiculous and later trudged back home in my the snow.

Today I contemplated not even attending an audition because I felt my improv skills simply weren't good enough and that it'd be a waste of time. But, I attended anyway and was pleasantly surprised with myself. As time wore on, I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be. I mean - I did perform in Seoul with my improv troupe, but I was never by any means a star and, more likely than not, wasn't always satisfied with my performances. Of course, with this audition, I did not give the most amazing performance out of the twenty or so present and didn't make it into the selected crew, but I'm glad that I surpassed my own expectations. Small steps, right? Perhaps there is hope yet for this young woman. I know I'm a funny girl in general - I just have to translate that to the stage.

So, my dear recruiter, interviewer (I actually saw one in passing at the Korean barbecue place I was at earlier today!), friend, or random internet reader, I will take pride in the fact there is still a next time. I'm still highly intelligent, hard-working and funny regardless of how tongue-twisted I may have been. So I will continue to improve!


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