Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing in from Sunny San Diego

This is a brief update, to be hopefully fleshed out in the next few days. I'm currently in sunny San Diego with my family and visiting my younger brother. I had to stop in at UCSD's Medical Center for some care as I've had a hacking cough off-and-on for the past two weeks. I believe it has something to do with me re-adjusting to Southern California weather.

In any case, I just finished a new page which neatly groups together all of my web-published articles - in case you're curious or have missed some of my other posts which aren't found on this site. Sorry about that, I really should consolidate my online presence. I definitely would not state that all of my web posts reflect my best command of the English language as I've been known to churn out a few very well written essays here and there in my life, but this is a field I shall be working on. I do love writing and will be looking for more practice.

In Los Angeles news, I'll be moving to a new place sometime next week, catching a glimpse of Halle Berry, finally getting some new headshots done, and continuing to search for the perfect employer who will realize I will give them my all!

Cheers to having good health, the commendable care at UCSD Medical Center, family, freedom, dreams, and living well! 


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