Sunday, July 17, 2011

"A Fragile Dream"

Last weekend, I shot a couple of scenes for a short film called "A Fragile Dream." As I promised in one of my blogs, I'd post some pictures - so here is the post. I only had a couple of lines, but it still took many hours! I played a Chinese teacher who spoke English and then a family friend who spoke Chinese.

Teaching is hard! I know this as I once was one.
It was a good amount of fun as the cast and crew were all amazing. It is hard to shoot with kids, though! I'm glad they were good sports.

My expression sure is charming right here.
As a reward for the hours of hard work, I got to take home some organic oranges and grapefruits fresh from the tree of the nice woman named Vicki who had let us shoot in her backyard. Yay for homegrown fruit!

Again with a charming expression!
I've also met a cool group of fellow actors/directors who hold their own workshop to practice. It has been fun - we didn't end until 2 am yesterday! I'm also going to start taking class at the Joann Barron/D.W. Brown studio next week. It means I'll have to commute to Santa Monica, so we'll see how this all works out!

And lastly, in other news - I recommend all Los Angeles based people to check out the "Art in the Streets" exhibit at the MOCA in Little Tokyo. It reminded me how crazy artists must be - but at the same time, how much detail and genius must be put in to those works of art.

It took a certain level of crazy to achieve this. On that note, I should bring my actual camera with me to capture these works of art...I haven't taken it with me anywhere at all these past few months! Shame on me.


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Dear Felicia, this is a very interesting post. Also, the picture you took is wonderful one, it's a lot of energy and joy! I love it!
best, Margo.

Thanks for reading, Margo - and for taking the pictures! :)

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