Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meant to Be Here

Have you ever woken up and wondered what the hell you were doing with your life? (excuse the language, my conservative readers) The first thought on your mind when you wake is literally one of panic, confusion, or doubt.

But have you ever had a moment where you felt that you were meant to be there at that very moment, right there and then?

I had one of those moments this past Monday at a free improv workshop in Hollywood which I decided to attend at the last minute. I didn't know a single other soul there, and yet I stood on stage with all of them as songs were sung with lots of energy and handsome French men looked on, unable to sing along to these silly American songs. It was one of those moments where I remembered I love performing - and that I belonged there. Forget the fact that my time in life has led me to far off places and paths and that I'm not an established somebody in a particular field who is getting married next week. That's all right. This was how it was meant to be.

The improv workshop was great because it reminded me I can be funny. Awesome! It also was special because the director proposed to his girlfriend on stage at the end. That's something I've never seen in my life before - a live proposal. I suppose there's always a first for everything.

This past weekend, after the Japanese clubbing extra bit below, I also shot a few scenes for a short film. Pictures and details to come once I get them!

In the meantime, as I drive down the boulevards of Burbank, Glendale, and Los Angeles and blast mainstream music...I am once again motivated to start on my projects. I must adhere to my goal statement!


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