Sunday, June 26, 2011

National Asian American Theater Conference

I had a blast volunteering for the SF Asian American Film Festival earlier this year and decided to volunteer for the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival, this time in LA. The conference ran for a whole week, but I was only able to volunteer at the end as I had work during the weekdays. The festival showcased a number of performances - all varied and sometimes puzzling and incomprehensible. But it was great to see so many different faces - I even saw one of my former professors at UCLA at the show I was ushering for earlier today.

It's always great to see live performances. I personally love it when I can see the hard work reflected before me, no matter how small the stage is. I also saw a fair share of athletic body movement on stage - needless to say I'm not able to do those flips and rolls!

I also realize I'm being rather vague and dry on my blog at the moment. Perhaps it is because I am wary of the ever decreasing privacy of the large place we know as the internet. And although I do own a DSLR, I never seem to lug it around so I always have to resort to using my low-tech camera phone to snap images. Sorry about that. What's a blog without good pictures?


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