Monday, February 7, 2011

Back from the set of 'Alcatraz'

...that set being the intersection of...Clay and Grant down in Chinatown. I had my first experience on a legit production - the pilot of a new series called 'Alcatraz.' Of course I was in the background. At most (if the series will be picked up and hopefully it will since I want to strain my eyes to glimpse anything resembling me) you will see a flash of my back - long black hair on my brown jacket. I probably only crossed the camera for a total of two seconds after...10.5 hours.

In any case, it was an interesting experience where I got to speak with more interesting people! But in hindsight, and for my own self-improvement, I really need to be more outgoing. I am outgoing to some extent, but not enough. I really do need to talk to more people and in a meaningful manner.

So, I drove down to Pier 27 by about 7:20 AM and I had to pat myself on the back as I have never driven in downtown San Francisco. Crazy, huh? I had to keep the windshield wipers on because my windshield kept fogging up and my de-fogging didn't seem to work. I was mildly aware it was dangerous the seconds where I couldn't see. I'm a terrible driver and it is no secret. (The only time I've driven on a highway by myself is when I went to see my boyfriend - it was a harrowing journey and I actually did get clipped - but it wasn't my fault to my credit!)

Around 10:40 AM, we were outside shooting our first scene. A line of bystanders stood on the street, watching curiously. But more amusingly or rather not so amusingly, traffic was blocked off on various streets. One could look up the hill and see not one but three 1 Californias (buses) backed up, waiting to get through. I could just imagine the anxious and irate Muni passengers, and the ones probably waiting at bus stops down the line.

We were prepped for scenes after lunch, but it turned out we were not needed as the sun set.

Then, by about 6:13 PM, I was on my way home. I was mystified by cars turning left on red onto the Embarcadero and had to tackle a gigantic hill as my car screeched up Gough Street. ("Hmm, does this qualify for shifting gears? Ah, I'll just drive up and see what happens") But I arrived home safely...tired and delirious. So, a major accomplishment! My first drive down to the Embarcadero and first seconds in front of a camera intended for real TV! Exciting stuff no doubt.


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