Saturday, February 19, 2011

A film made in 48 hours!

Previously in my life, I participated in a 24-Hour Theater festival in Seoul and played a rambunctious but still cute Martian. This time around, I was the leading office lady in a 48-Hour film competition!

So basically, a team of directors, writers, actors and crew are given 48 hours to produce a short film with a given theme and some required elements. This particular competition involved something related to the environment.

The audition that I mentioned last week where I felt like I had no emotion - well, it worked out so I was still in the film this weekend! I got to work with an awesome crew and cast who knew what they were doing.

I won't spoil the elements of surprise yet as it is a competition - and there will be a theater screening this Thursday on February 24 at the Lumiere Theatre in San Francisco. How exciting! I really had a blast filming this and am looking forward to seeing the finished version! After the screening, I'll link to an online version to all who are interested in seeing me go corporate (but environmental at the same time)!

In other acting news, I attended an audition last night and another earlier this morning. I can't whistle, so I don't expect much from one. Also, I will not have to be kissed by any teenage boys. Boohoo! Additionally, I have some interviews to be preparing for and some more job hunting to do! Isn't life exciting?


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