Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally booking something after an audition!

Or at least so I thought. I'm back in one piece from work on a print ad at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley after a seemingly successful thirty second audition which I had attended on Wednesday. The audition consisted of me smiling at the camera and giggling - so there was really no room to mess up with my 'acting.'

So, this was the most money I've ever made off of one acting/modeling-related gig...for only about 5 and a half hours of work. To put this into perspective, the rate for 8 hours of extra work which I did on Monday was about four times less.  (Yay! Small steps for progress!) And although I was booked as a secondary, which was one pay level above extras and one pay level below the principals, it really made no difference as a bunch of extras were ushered into the front. So, I doubt you will see me in the actual ad as I am a rather short girl standing behind a sea of people. There were probably just under 100 people used for the shot, which was comprised of
professional looking people holding cell phones or other electronic devices (I brought my nephew's eePC along).

I probably was one of the youngest people in the crowd, though I did overhear another guy saying he was 24. Additionally, I bumped into some of the other background talent which I had met on the Alcatraz shoot on Monday. It seems like the San Francisco Bay Area acting scene is quite close knit!

On another positive note, I drove across the Bay Bridge for the first time in my life. I've been across countless times, but never as the driver until. Unfortunately, it seems they recently raised the toll to $6. It was only $4 in January! I always feel a sense of accomplishment once I finally reach home and park in my driveway...and feel thankful that I am still alive. I mean, I did accidentally get into the more ghetto region of SF by accident after overshooting the 101-N split...and got horned at for cutting into a lane...eek!

So in other news, I will be attending two auditions tomorrow and afterwards rehearsing a scene for my class (from Roleplay by Alan Ayckbourn). Exciting stuff! I also meant to do a post about my many failed interviews and auditions, but I'll do that one a bit later. ;}


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